Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Let’s Get this Party Started….!

Preparations ended on schedule. Signed all the forms, offered up more body views and fluids than last time around, and Monday began the new infusion of chemotherapy poisons that better do a winning job. If you haven’t sat in a chemotherapy ward for six or seven hours, you haven’t seen disappointment, unconditional love, or courage. Every person has their own story, and everyone manages around the boredom in their own ways.

Once upon a time, the clinic was located where it could get wireless access. These days, that’s not the case. So I familiarized myself with the financial calculator…but mostly I watched “The Shooter” with Mark Walberg. He did a terrific job standing up for the American Citizen, but it certainly is a scary indictment of the “behind the scenes” world of conspiracy theories, and evildoers on “our side.”

Originally slated for a five hour trip to the Infusion Den, it took seven. My port wouldn’t open so we had to flush it with some sort of draining fluid, given that it built an internal blood clot which needed to be loosened and removed. That took awhile. Then, it turns out that the protocol for Vertibix requires an hour between receiving that and subsequent infusions. “Don’t go back in the pool until you’ve rested an hour” or some such. What seemed like a nice way to spend a miserably rainy day turned into a marathon afternoon.

Everyone liked the shirt Judy created, and I feel fine today, when I get the pump off. I can tell that there are strange drugs in my system once again, but got some exercise yesterday and am taking lots of fluids. I really need to crank on the Finance class this week, getting ready for our travels to Palm Desert and some time with Vickie’s return for the Holiday.

The many phone calls, messages and cards over the past ten days have been a blessing. Mom and Dad were in town to check on things and meet my docs. It was great to have them here to help with the transportation, conversations and just good time together.

Meanwhile, Life is Good. Even Phil Mickelson ended a news conference Sunday night with, “I was having fun out there. I decided to Just Keep Playing and see what might happen at the end…” So that’s me, just playing…and looking out for what may happen next.


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