Monday, August 28, 2006

One more posting?

With a visit to the oncologist scheduled for early September, I'm thinking this will be a short update and then I'll finish after that visit is held. I feel really well, I know how supported and loved I've been, and things are going well at work. It is time to "get some docs written" and not use the cancer card as an excuse for production.

The feelings are returning to my fingers and toes, but slowly in the last week or so. I seem 'stuck' at the current level, without much progress. The weirdest part is the bottoms of my feet, which still seem as though I'm walking on wet socks all the time. Not cold, not sweaty....just wet.

Taste buds are good, I can tell the difference between bad tequila and good. Friends helped me party over the weekend, and we had a blast. Some surprises put lumps in my throat, as when Carrie and Steve walked in on Saturday afternoon...and then Curt & Polly brought their daughters at night. Those nice folks (in all) put six people in airplanes for a trip of less than 24 hours to come see us all. Amazing, simply amazing. Still gives me goosebumps, and will for quite awhile.

Otherwise, no worries...

"...I'd rather die while I'm living than live like I'm dead...."


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