Thursday, June 01, 2006

Five to go!

The pump came off this morning, officially ending session seven. A rather smooth session this time around, though I need to watch my rest for the next couple of days. With Nate home, working odd hours at this PT job he found, it may be difficult...but the weekend doesn't have a lot of activity built in. I actually planned ahead to rest up this weekend, given all the excitement of graduation week next week.

The best news is that I'm "go" for the final four sessions. Those will get scheduled, on the dates I've already plannned, and the end of the tunnel is in sight. It has daylight at the end, rather than an on-coming train. We're managing my sleep with the right drugs, I'm getting enough rest, and I'm working on exercising. So that feels pretty good. The golf game, as mentioned in the last note, doesn't really suffice for exercise, but it keeps my mind active and my schedule pretty full when I'm not working.

Had a long chat with one of my docs yesterday, who shared his six month effort in the same kind of chemotherapy, followed by a course of radiation for two months. It is amazing how many lives are touched by all this sort of thing, when people actually take a minute to share their innermost thoughts. His was ten years ago, and much more invasive in his life. Had to stop practicing for a bit, lost all his hair, etc.

So I remain a very lucky boy. Although the hair I'd normally lose isn't really growing back, no one can say that I've "lost it" and look much different. And oddly enough, that's how people across our society judge how healthy we seem. So I'll just keep "seeming to be healthy" and manage around the sessions that remain.


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