Monday, November 09, 2009

Next Steps!!

Only back since yesterday afternoon, and already a lot on the schedule. Spoke with Dr. Bauer’s office this morning, I’m set to get radioactive on Wednesday, the 18th. That will put Thanksgiving in jeopardy, as I won’t be able to join Judy, the Shira’s and “the boys” that day…lest they all glow in the dark. But I should be able to return to work on the first of December or thereabouts.

Even this guy gets cabin fever. A run to California delayed onset a bit, yet also proved to me that I really need my golf hiatus each winter. It was great to see Dalton play, difficult to see how far the Braves have fallen.

Hard to return to a rain gauge that captured 3.5 inches of rain in ten days, when I’d barely used the windshield wipers for fog while in California.

At this point, though, I’m making sure to be healthy all this next week, and quarantined from people the following week. We’ll deliver the nuclear weapons to the appropriate site, and move on with life. Which, by the way, is really GOOD if you hadn’t noticed lately…


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