Monday, February 01, 2010

February Begins!!

Some easy updates:

-- Attended a class that happened to take place in San Diego when Schlager and Glover would both be down there, too. So the Three Amigos were able to enjoy a couple of meals together, find a tee time, and laugh more than three adults deserve. Great time, great weather. The class was actually a chance to learn new things, too!

-- Got back in time to hit the dance floor with Ms. Jillian Saturday night. We enjoy attending black-tie gala in Hillsboro each year, because this one features dancing rather than silent auctions and lots of donated money. The blue hairs head out early, we get to listen to “Music by Design” and remember what the Prom might be like. (

-- Watched the “Killer” of our era in athletics take command of the Australian Open. Roger Federer seems like such a nice guy. He has the body of a guy who loses in the third round. He has the eyes of a champion, and even still has all his endorsement money coming in, too.

-- Made plans for this year’s Valentine’s adventure. Just chocolate and pinot noir in the Willamette Valley , but we’ll be with good friends and save a bunch of money over flying to Napa . Probably have the same good time later in the year, most likely Santa Barbara County or Paso Robles.

-- With oncology still on the back burner, met with both my internist and my dermatologist. Doesn’t everyone have all these specialists once they cross the threshold into their Fifties?

Things are going well. We had a wonderful sales year at work, in 2009, even if I had to miss significant chunks of time. People with whom I work respect my efforts, and nobody even asks about the masters program any longer. With one exception, I guess. A good friend manages a physician clinic and is studying for the MCAT so that she can apply to the OHSU medical management MBA program, and she says it is all my fault…that I got her interested in adult education and made her confident that she could succeed by going back to school, too.

Trust me….I’d much rather have that impact on folks than hear that someone got a colonoscopy all because of me, but I’ll take either outcome!


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