Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lazy Weekend....

Vickie departs on Monday for her final year at Valpo. Nate arrives Monday night for a quick zip, to pick up the dogs and head back to Colorado. It means he can feed them, and is enjoying his new job in Vail, though I'm sure he'd like more tips, people who drink fancy wine, and more time with snow on the ground so the REAL tourists will show up.

Me?? I'm just juggling it all. Hard to have Vickie leave, and without Max there will be some lonely evenings this next week. The good news is that it distracts me from the diagnostic test I'll take on Monday morning. Full-body PET scan, supposedly to see where anything negative might be hiding.

I prefer to think that it is a cleansing process, and that maybe the nuclear sugars will strip any bad cells from my body. A Zamboni, perhaps...chewing up the bad stuff, melting it down, and flattening any rips or tears in my cellular structure.

Life is good. Still basking in the victory of the summer, in Baker City. Amazing what some confidence does to one's golf swing....I had the chance this past week to tear up a local private track, Columbia Edgewater.

When there is news, in the next ten days or so...I'll post that, too. Otherwise, it is a lazy weekendn to ramble on, do some chores around the house, and get everyone packed up to go. Should I get Max a going away present??


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