Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This will seem odd....

Regular readers of the Journey will find this a bit odd, I'm sure. I maintain a positive outlook and don't even think that much about the dark side of this whole equation. I describe medical procedures, diagnostics and personal challenges from the "I'll get better" side of the ledger most of the time.

Alternatively, there are the downsides. The quiet moments when I wonder where this is all headed. The challenging phone calls when I worry with friends and family where we'll end up. Clearly, I don't want to end up with some sort of "Make a Wish" schedule, finding those very special moments to share with others if the diagnosis takes a negative turn. The Bucket List is a neat movie, not something I spend time writing down.

Giggle with me a moment, however. Let's say things go badly over the next six months. As Jillian and I were driving a golf cart through Palm Desert this weekend, it occurred to me that life could be MUCH worse than spending a month or two in the sunshine....away from Portland....should I learn that I'm fighting a difficult battle with my liver. Eighty degree days. Golf courses with several par fives I can reach. Short little par threes that require an attack wedge. My mind ran on and on....Carrie & Steve could easily fly down. Stevie is only a few hours away. Booby and Terry could come over for dinner. The Idaho boys would love a road trip to the sunshine. I'm only a few hours from Lompoc.

So that's a Bucket List target. If things start to go badly, look for me to rent a condo in Palm Desert and start sending out tee times to all of you with weapons of mass humiliation. Not sure what else will go on the list, aside from a trip to Chile with Nate....and probably a ton of trips to Chicago and Baltimore. Trust me....a month in Palm Springs is like six months in Portland...it would make my life seem much more positive, extend my mood into the future, and make all KINDS of good vibrations help me TCTFO....

OK....back to work this week before the procedure next week. Life is GOOD!


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