Monday, March 20, 2006

Next Session

Today begins the next session. I'm having breakfast with Doug, always a nice start to a week...before heading to the Opium Den. I'll be infusing until Wednesday morning, when Vickie and I head south for the Memorial and vacation trip. Doug is not only a supportive friend in all this, he's going to make me/us look like heroes in Idaho this year. Best decision I've made in a long time, to have him carry the torch over there.

I probably ate too much junk food this past week, enjoying the return of the taste buds. Dance finals are good for junk food, eating on the run and catching meals when we can. Vickie is excited to have them over, and is working out which college to attend. Seniors get to do that, looking forward is a good thing. I just keep reminding myself that she'll be heading off before we really know it...and at the same time this journey will come to an end. So August is a special month this year.

Thanks for checking on the Journey. As I fend off the little bugs in my system...or the bugs that MIGHT be in my system...I'll keep you posted on how I feel, what's going on, and how I'm responding. I realize that many may feel this is too "new age" for the challenges I face, but it helps to share with others. We live in such a gracious world that people are asking how I'm doing...because they care. I certainly don't want anyone to think that I'm insensitive or unappreciative, but I'm also learning that communicating the news is time-consuming and stressful. So if I can cover the news in this way, that will leave time for the heartfelt communications and appreciation I feel for everyone's concern.


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